Friday, April 15, 2011

Lesson Pathways- A Homeschooler's Dream

When I homeschooled my kiddos a couple of years ago, I was flabbergasted with the prices of curriculum.  I had 5 little learners at the time (1 was my niece) ranging in age from 1st grade - 6th grade.  There was no way I could afford to get separate, quality, curriculum for each grade level.  Then, a blessing from above.

Lesson Pathways, previously a subscription site, began to offer it's services for free. The things I love most about this site are:

* it does all the planning for you, in every subject
* it gives the student flexibility
* it has built in accountability
* it appeals to the right brained learner as well as the left brained (BIG plus for this house) and...

The only negative things about the site is that there is a lot of reading, through different websites, so if you have a child who is easily bored with reading on the computer, the activities may need to be broken down a little further.


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