Welcome to the party

...only in my dreams...

Let me introduce you to some of the other guests:

The Husband

I am married to a wonderful man who loves to work with wood and SEWS (that's right- he sews, jealous aren't you?).  He is the yin to my yang for sure.  He works as a correctional officer and was formerly in the Army.  His life is orderly with minimal chaos.  I on the other hand live for disorder.  That's what makes us work. 

Fashionista, Age 9

My budding artist/ rock star. Her sole goal in life is to become a fashion designer/ rockstar (and I dare say she just may do it)  You won't catch Fashionista without a pencil and paper in her hand, which I love. She is constantly creating and dreaming.  Oh, for one day in that head of hers. 

Gamer, age 8

My middle child and only boy.  He loves video games, baseball, and Star Wars. (Who doesn't?)  He is my thoughtful child and super intelligent. Give him a page of long division and he's good to go (weirdo).

Twister, age 3

 My little Tiny Tornado.  This kiddo never stops moving, ever.  She loves to have her hand in everything and is my constant sidekick. She is super cuddly and lovable - when you can catch her...

And then there's me...
did I mention I hate taking pictures?

 And me, well, I'm 30 years old and I like to party.  Not the booze soaked party of my wonder years. I love to entertain.  Coming up with crafty decor and food and games to create an awesome party is what this girl is all about.  I also dabble in crafts, but I don't sew, I don't knit, I can't paint, but I can use a mean hot glue gun and make pretty much anything I need.  I also love to create things on the computer. Nothing can please this gal like sitting in front of a blank computer screen and in 15 minutes have a super cool worksheet for my kiddos come out of the printer.
Wait, what?  Worksheet?  Oh, yeah, did I mention we homeschool.  (Well, technically, we will homeschool, once this pesky move is completed).

Yes, we are one of THOSE families.  Hopefully with this blog I can show that "normal" people can homeschool.  We don't eat granola, we don't grow our own food, our children are not perfect well-trained robots.  Our children are normal, crazy, social, misbehaving rugrats who just happen to learn at home.  On the flip side, I am not a saint of a mother.  I lose my cool, I sometimes forget to grade their work, and sometimes I love homeschooling for the simple fact that I don't have to wake up with my kiddos at 6 am. This 20 Reasons to Homeschool pretty much sums it up.

Along with giving you a peek into our "so called life" , I have found many great resources for entertaining, crafting, parenting and homeschooling and I hope to use this blog to share those with you. I hope you can find some of what you're looking for here.