Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year... lots of changes

You would think someone who likes to talk as much as I do would blog more... but I keep forgetting.  Anyway, thought I'd start the New Year off right and update the ol' blog.  Much had been going on these past few months...

1) Party of Five will shortly be a party of 6.  Yep.  4 weeks until it's diapers and bottles and no sleep (Oh MY!)

2) We have moved back to my husband's old hometown.  We lived here for years before moving closer to my family 4 years ago.  I love my family but God called us back here and for good reason...

3) I now have a job.  As the children's minister at our old church.  To say I love what I do couldn't begin to describe it.  What other job can you  fill your work hours with colorong, laminating, mod podge, graphic design, puppets, web design, sewing, and set building.  And that's all before lunch.  To do it all to further the kingdom of God is just icing on the heavenly cake.

4) The hubby has been off of work due to a work related injury.  Having him home for a few months has been quite the adventure...

5) We're homeschooling again.  And it has been quite the adventure.  We homeschool at church with some great friends and attend a fabulous co-op on Fridays.  As crazy as my kids make me I love having all this time with them.

I'm sure there's more but it's time to take me and this little peanut to bed... Until next time.

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