Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blackberry Pickin'

Pickin' (as we say in Texas) blackberries is one of my fondest childhood memories.  My grandmother would want to get us out of her hair send us with an older cousin during the summer down to the end of our street to pick blackberries by the lake.  

I always wanted to do it with my children but the opportunity never came up.  Then, my husband found these little beauties in our front yard this morning.
So, we grabbed the nearest butterbowl we could find and set out for our adventure. (Some of us had to get dressed in our swimming attire before proceeding)

 The kids had a lot of fun deciding what they were going to do with all the berries.

Fashonista:  "We could make mud pies"
Twister: "We can eat 'em all up"
Gamer: "Daddy and me can take them camping with us and set them out for the bears.  And then, when the bears come, I can shoot them with my bow and arrow"

I don't know where he gets this stuff.  I mean, bears don't like blackberries.  

Our adventure didn't yield more than enough to constitute a snack but the kids had a really fun time- all for free in our front yard.  You can't beat that.

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