Saturday, May 14, 2011

Website for Teaching Reading Strategies

When I began researching helping my daughter next year with reading, I found countless information telling me the importance of reading strategies.  


Reading Strategies?

What kind of strategies do you need to read?  

"Team Red Bird to to Team Eagle Eye.  Pick up the book, start with page one, first word.  That's it, not too fast now, wouldn't want this situation to get all out of control.  What's that?  We have reading! I repeat! We have reading."

Sorry for that...

Anyway, I guess I didn't understand the concept.  I have been reading books since the ripe old age of three.  When I was Fashionista's age I had such classics as Little Women and The Hobbit under my belt.  There was no strategy to it.  It was fun, it was exciting, it was EASY for me.

And I think that's why I have such a hard time in this area with my daughter. She struggles daily just to get through a simple paragraph.  She loves stories, she loves books, but she hates to read.  Reading just plain takes too much effort for her.  She has a million and one things going on in that little head of hers to focus on the words on the page.  But, I digress.

Reading strategies, come to find out, are a tool utilized in classrooms around the world.  Who knew?  Once I started researching I could see the value... but, how to TEACH it?  I was at a loss.  Then I came across this handy website.

Into The Book is separated into two sections.  One for students and one for teachers.  

On the student side they have the eight strategies broken down in a fun format and everything is interactive.  

On the teacher side they have great downloads, including songs, posters, bookmarks, and many others.  

And, of course, the BEST thing about the site is IT'S ALL FREE.  I *heart* free.  Truly a remarkable site for those of us who need a little help teaching reading.

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