Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baseball Pot Roast

That's not it's official name, but that's what I call it around here.  Why?  Because I can stick this baby in the oven, go to one of my son's baseball games, and it's nice and ready when I get back.  This is the most delish pot roast ever and couldn't be more easy.

Easy Baseball Pot Roast

You need:
chuck roast, as big or as little as you want
water, 3 cups 
Lipton onion soup mix, 1 pack
thyme, to taste
butter, 3-4 tablespoons
bay leaf, to taste
mixed veggies, canned (or small diced fresh carrots and potoatoes)
mushrooms, small can or 1/2 cup fresh

1. Heat oven to 400
2. Brown roast in a skillet (about 1 min on each side).
3. Put in a casserole dish (size doesn't matter).
4.  Sprinkle the roast with the dry soup mix and thyme.
5. Place bay leaf (or leaves) onto roast.
6. Fill casserole dish (or crock pot) with water, up to the halfway mark on your roast.
7.  Cover with foil.
*** if you're out of foil, as I was, put a cookie sheet on top of your dish ***
8.  Put in oven and cook for about 45 minutes, 
be sure to check that your water isn't evaporating out of the pan.
9.  Turn your oven to 200 
10.  Go to your son's baseball game for approximately 3 hours.
11.  Put veggies, mushrooms, butter, and a little broth from your roast into a skillet (when you get home) and sautee until they're cooked the way you like them.  Throw them into your roast.
12.  Serve it up to your hungry ball player and his eager siblings.

*** If you're one of those lucky people who have a working crock pot (which would not be this girl right here) then after you brown the roast, just throw everything into your crock pot and call it a day ***

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